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Indonesia deals in Various Sectors and Asset Classes

VentureHub is a crowdfunding platform, which helps investors to invest in Small Medium Enterprises in Indonesia.

Types of Deals

We offer investment in growth enterprises, restructured businesses, and high-growth digital companies.


We do due diligence on all deals before we offer them to investors. Source of deals are from trusted network only.

Vetted Members

While we welcome investor funds, we want to work with people with values that align with us. We work to equally benefit investors and the Indonesian business & employment ecosystem.

Decades of Experience

Our team consists of people who have been advising companies and fundraising for years, with a combined experience spanning decades.

On-Demand Experts

We have on-demand legal, financial, technology, and industry expertise to help investors manage all aspects of a deal lifecycle.

Lead or follow investing

We try not to miss out on good opportunities by doing syndication.

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Our Indonesia network and knowledge means we can offer professional services.

Our Office

PT. Silicon Valley Connection
Holland Village Jakarta,
Jl Letjen Suprapto Kav 60 Lt 29 #11 Cempaka Putih, 10510
Central Jakarta